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doTERRA’s brand new Brevi Diffuser, Frankincense (5 ml), Lavender (5 ml), Lemon (5 ml), Melaleuca (5 ml), Oregano (5 ml), Peppermint (5 ml), doTERRA’s Breathe (5 ml), doTERRA’s DigestZen (5 ml), doTERRA’s On Guard (5 ml), doTERRA’s Deep Blue (5 ml).



Peppermint (15 ml), Lemon (15 ml), Deep Blue (5 ml), Lavender (15 ml), doTERRA Breathe (15 ml), DigestZen (15 ml),  doTERRA On Guard (15 ml), Tea Tree (15 ml), Oregano (15 ml), Frankincense (15 ml) and the all new Laluz diffuser.



Lemon (15ml), On Gaurd (15ml), Serenity (15ml), and a full-size bottle of Deep Blue.


There are oils derived from a plant (their roots, bark, stems, flowers, leaves, and/or seeds). They can be a single oil or a blend of different plants.

There are many benefits of using essential oils, each one helps with certain things either emotionally or physically. They are most commonly used for aromatherapy but for many people, essential oils have even replaced certain modern medicines for things such as headaches and backaches, menstrual pain, etc. For others, it’s helped with things such as digestive issues by helping heal the gut and balancing hormones that can help with PMS, menopause, PCOS and fertility issues. Not to mention it can help boost immunity, energy levels, increase the ability to focus and promote better sleep.

Whatever your concerns are, I’m sure we can find something that can help you too!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

That’s no problem at all! I too started this way. doTERRA is one of the best oils out there, and some of their oils might seem expensive… However, every 15 ml single oil bottle has about 300 drops, and most roller recipes only call for 2-5 drops at most, so bottles will actually last you quite a long time!

I totally understand trying to stay in the budget though! So for that reason, I can offer samples and even travel size bottles or products. I also sell single products in addition to the kits, that you can purchase directly from my doTERRA even without a membership.

Or you can opt to join doTERRA as a wholesale customer so you can purchase whatever oils you’d like, as many of them as you’d like, and whenever you’d like – all at wholesale prices!

Nope! If you opt to join doTERRA as a wholesale customer, you will have access to the entire doTERRA store and you can purchase everything at wholesale prices whenever you’d like. However, if you’d like to save the most money, get free products and free shipping each month you can sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program that you would order from monthly.

Absolutely! If and when you’re ready to start making money by sharing these oils, send me a message so I can help you get started and set you up for success!

By joining our community, you’ll receive:

-Ongoing oil education + continuous support

-Access to top secret essential oil recipes (like Skin Bae)

-An exclusive invitation to join our private community Facebook group

-Exclusive access to all BOGO after parties, community giveaways, and events

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They can be diffused into the air, applied topically, and can be ingested whether in supplement form or added to drinks/food.

Here is a great educational source that doTERRA has explaining a little bit about what they are, how they’re used and a bit of history!

I truly believe doTERRA is the best choice for essential oils. When it comes to your health, I don’t think it’s smart to cut corners. They have the highest standards and every single batch of their oils go through 5 different quality testing methods to ensure consistency, potency, and purity.

Here is a link to their educational source explaining the process and methods they use to ensure that their oils stay free from fillers, synthetic ingredients, and harmful contaminants.

You can also read more about their story as a company, here. And read here about how they are making a difference for people around the world through their Healing Hands Foundation.

And something really cool I found during my research before joining doTERRA… An article that was written by Business For Home on how doTERRA became the world’s largest essential oil company and became 100% debt-free – linked here. And now their goal is to help you become debt-free too through their Free to Give program!

When you become a member, you receive 25% off retail prices on all products. Eligibility to receive up to 30% back in points redeemable for free product through our Loyalty Rewards Program. You also qualify for additional free product(s) and promotional sales.

After the first year you qualify for the $25 renewal discount price + get a free oil as a gift!

dōTERRA has a return policy on all their products, you can read the specifics here. This membership can also easily be cancelled or upgraded to Wellness Advocate at anytime upon request.

It is $35 to start. But if you purchase an enrollment kit when first signing up, the fee is waived. And after the initial year, the membership fee is $25 and you get a free oil as a gift! 

Not at all. If you join as a wholesale customer, you are simply signing up for access to the entire doTERRA store at wholesale prices, and all their information so you can get the best use out of every drop – that’s it!

That’s what I’m here to help with! Send me any other questions you have through my contact form here, and I’ll be happy to answer them. Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can be notified whenever I share educational oil posts, blend recipes, and new products on my shop! You can do so, here.

While there are many resources on doTERRA’s website; if you start your oil journey with me whether as a wholesale customer or as a wellness advocate, I will be here every step of the way. I will share all my personal resources, blend recipes, oil accessories – including how to use everything and what to use them for to get the most out of all your oils.




Choose from the kits available, create your own, or join us for just $35!




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You’ll be added to an entire 7-day email sequence dedicated to welcoming you to our community! It’ll give you tons of important information on all the basic things you’ll need to know.



You’ll also receive an exclusive invitation to join our private TDE Facebook group where you’ll receive ongoing education, post questions, share blends and recipes, participate in giveaways, and so much more!



I’ll be in touch to get you scheduled for a Wellness Consult. I’ll be able to answer any questions, discuss your health and wellness goals, and how doTERRA can help support those.



I want you to feel confident when using your oils. Every one of these steps will ensure you have the support you need to get you going. And I’m here anytime after that if you have questions or concerns!

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